Frequently Asked Questions

Like what you see?

Great! The next steps are filling out the contact form and depending on my availability I will send you a price list and a booking form for you to take a look at. Dates are not secured until the booking fee is paid.

How soon should i Enquire?

I recieve enquiries on a daily basis and (gratefully!) can get booked up 2 years in advance, so sooner rather than later!

Your date is available and you've paid your deposit, what next?

Congrats! Thats another job ticked off the never ending wedding to do list. The next step to organise is a trial!


Can I book a trial before paying my booking fee? No, sorry! Someone else may enquire about your date and if you haven’t paid the fee my diary will show the date as being free so may be given to someone else!

When should I have my trial? Usually withing 6 months of your date and ideally at the start of the year before peak wedding season starts.  By this point you will have more of an idea of what you envision as you will probably have your dress, you will know how many bridesmaids you are having, colour schemes etc. If you have a trial too early on you will probably end up changing your mind and have to book in again!

Do my bridesmaids need trials? Not at all, whoever has trials is completely up to you and your bridal party. I just need to know in advance!

What happens at the trial, what do I need to bring? At the trial we get to know each other, I like to be nosey and find out everything you have booked for your day (mainly the food and cake choices you’ve made). We can talk about your likes and dislikes and style of makeup you would like for your big day. All you need to bring is yourself!  However if you have any pictures of looks that you like, keep them handy as this will give me a good idea of what you are wanting to achieve. It is also worth wearing light coloured clothing, anything too dark will reflect onto the face. If you have any products that you know you MUST have for your big day, bring them! Some ladies love a certain style of lash, or some brides have their ride or die lipstick that they know they need to wear, you need to be comfortable!

Where will the trial take place? At the moment trials are currently temporarily taking place in my living room, due to a certain little lady demanding a nursery and therfore no more makeup room. Hopefully I will have a more permanent space soon! If I am able to do your trial at your home, ideally I like to be right infront of a window for the natural light and with some space for my kit to be laid out.

How long will the trial take? As a guide usually around 90 minutes but they can take longer, we want to get it right!

I have a large bridal party, can you do everyone?

Usually yes, all depending on the timings, if not, I will bring along another MUA to help to make sure everyone is done in time and no one is rushed.

Should i get semi permanant lashes done for my my wedding?

Again, this is completely up to you, a lot of brides, do espescially if they are going on honeymoon in the following weeks. If it is the first time getting them done make sure you have a couple of appointments before your wedding to make sure you are happy and most importantly, you don’t get a reaction!
If you just want fuller lashes for the day the strips are a great alternative and you can try them out at the trial to see how you feel about them.

What brands do you use?

What brands don’t I use! I am a makeup junkie, I love it! Everything in my kit has been tried and tested by myself, if I don’t love it, it doesn’t make the cut. The products I end up not loving go in my personal make up bag so I end up using the rubbish stuff and my clients get all the amazing stuff! Lucky you! I am professionally approved by Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, NARS and Bobbi Brown so a lot of these brands are in there. I also have a lot of Hourglass, Becca, Urban Decay, and NYX. I have a full extensive kit that covers all different skin tones.